What is a blog ?

Blog is just write our expression ,view ,experience and knowledge about any thing .Like sports ,fitness , automobile etc and sharing it with peoples.

It can be in the form of a book in form of diary or sharing on internet by free blog ,sharing on social networking sites like facebook, google ,twitter etc.

This is called blog and and sharing a blog with peoples called blogging.

Who writes a blog and share it called blogger .

How to start a free blog ?

We can start our blog free at on google and .there are so many other websites also who provides free blogging platform but these two are most famous .If you want to start free blog then we suggest because it is much better then when we talk about free.

If you just want to start blog for hobby then free blog is ok .But if thinking about making money through your blog then for free blog our answer is no.

You need a Domain name and hosting server for your blog where you can work independently and earn money.

What is domain or domain name ?

Domain is your blog name or you can say your address at internet ,like google,facebook,twitter are their domain ,domain name or can say their address on internet.

Domain name are last with .com, .in, .net, .biz,, .org, etc .com is popular worldwide.

.in used for India, .org for organisation , for Indian Govt. websites,.biz for business websites etc but there is no restriction or boundation you can use name for any purpose this is just example and mostly website use like this.

Some company provide free domain name with paid hosting.But mostly paid and you to renew it regularly or you can pay once for long time period.

What is hosting or hosting server ?

 Hosting or hosting server is a webspace where your data store online when any one visit you domain or blog data access  from that server . You can say domain is our home address and hosting is our home where we leave  whether it is own or on rent. On hosting server our data leave. 

There are so many companies who provides hosting like,, etc .You can choose as per your requirement and budget .

Hostsoch is giving free domain for life time in just Rs.149/month you can start in such a low budget also.

So we explain in short about blog, blogging,domain and hosting.

In next blog we will explain in detail .So keep reading and enjoy.

If you have any suggestion or query you can comment us or mail us .

Thanks for reading friends.