what is blog and how to start a new blog

what is blog ?

This question asked so many times on many plate forms and websites on internet and have so many definition.

Blog is just write our view ,experience and story about any thing and share it with peoples.It may be in book form it may be in diary form or it can be share on net by free or paid hosting website .

In short Blog is to explain our experience about anything and share it.

how to start a new blog in 2017 free or paid hosted.

You can start from Google blogger.com and wordpress.com .These are free blogging websites and one can learn here before start professional blog.For free blog i suggest blogger.com because it is better then wordpress when we talk about free blog.You can fulfill your hobby here.

Paid blog -If you want to start professional blog then you have to purchase one domain name and one hosting server.It cost 30 $ (1800 rs ) to 100 $ (6600 rs) depends on your need.

So here we explain what is a blog and how we can start blogging

Next we explain about Domain and Hosting .

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